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Now and then, memo to the future

por Editepf, em 17.10.17




Hell is the gateway

No one orders,

nobody does anything

Believe in the explosion

Or terrorist or lying,

But do not buy the fight

nor sell your soul.

The power of anger

and the pain of the world

Wept in known tongue,

and vomit on the correct

and weak

narrows view.


and Then

The forest out there

It´s not the same.

All the blame

Of some of us.


There´s fire,

Consumes everything



All memories

All coletive past

Is gone.

Stays Blury

The future.



3 comentários

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De HD a 17.10.2017 às 20:28

Não há floresta que resista... -.-
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De Editepf a 17.10.2017 às 20:49

Todos os anos é o mesmoImage.  
Não há palavras, nem sequer em português...
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De HD a 17.10.2017 às 20:51

Lamentável... :-(

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